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Haruo Imamura Sensei

admin - September 20, 2017
It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Haruo Imamura Sensei passed away at 00:30 this morning due to his illness. Imamura Sensei was the Team Captain of the Inaugural Judo Team at Tenri University. After moving to Fresno, California, Imamura Sensei was the Head Instructor and Coach ...more
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Waiakea Judo Club Kata Clinic and Testing for Promotion

admin - September 20, 2017
Date: 10/29/2017        Sanction Number: 17-10-12     Location: Hilo, HI       YDK: 50th State Contact: Roanld Takeya   (808) 961-3646 Email: Event Name: Waiakea Judo Club Kata ...more

2017 Budokan Dojo Tournament

admin - September 19, 2017
Date: 9/23/2017        Sanction Number: 17-09-16     Location: Edmonds, WA      YDK: Northwest Email: Website: Event Name: 2017 Budokan Dojo Tournamentmore

Waiakea Judo Club Invitational Judo Tournament

admin - September 19, 2017
Date: 10/28/2017        Sanction Number: 17-10-13     Location: Hilo, HI       YDK: 50th State Contact: Roanld Takeya   (808) 961-3646 Email: Event Name: Waiakea Judo Club ...more

George Tsubota Sensei

admin - September 19, 2017
We are extremely saddened to inform you that George Tsubota Sensei passed away on the 17th September. Tsubota Sensei was the head instructor at Hodokan Judo Club in Honolulu, Hawaiil and one of the pillars of 50th State Judo Association. Tsubota Sensei was very dedicated and devoted to ...more
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2017 Princeton Judo Invitational

admin - September 14, 2017
Date: 10/01/2017        Sanction Number: 17-10-10     Location: Princeton, NJ       YDK: Hudson Contact: Cory Cuomo   (732) 406-3646 Email: Event Name: 2017 Princeton Judo ...more

2017 Rainer Cup Judo Championships

admin - September 13, 2017
Date: 10/07/2017        Sanction Number: 17-10-09     Location: Lakewood, WA       YDK: Northwest Contact: Robyn Russell Harai Email: Event Name: 2017 Rainier Cup Judo Championshipsmore

Shorai Program 2017-2018

admin - September 08, 2017
Date: 9/9/2017 - 1/20/18             Sanction Number: 17-09-14   Location: Carson, CA       YDK: Nanka Contact: Jason Uno  (323) ...more

2017 USJF National Kata Conference

admin - September 07, 2017
Report and photos from Eiko Shepherd.more
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Why Judo?

admin - August 30, 2017
A Neil Adams Judo email has been forwarded from Richardo Joseph, MD, Chair of the Medical Committee. The latest Neil Adams article is out and it is one we NEED you to read and share. In this article Neil provides you with the reasons you should train in Judo. I know what you are thinking, ...more